The City of Art


“WALLSTREET – The City of Art” is a global concept for art exhibitions in our common urban spaces. Through the creation of diverse and expressive artworks, WALLSTREET contributes to the attractiveness of a space and highlights the meaning of both the art and culture as well as their place in an ever-changing environment. WALLSTREET, therefore, contributes to the development of not only a city but also the community that lives there. 

For WALLSTREET the soul and purpose of a place are of the utmost importance. The local establishment and contact with those who live and work in that place are essential for sustainable development. WALLSTREET stands for neighbourhoods. Together with professional artists and creatives, on a small scale, they give new life to their own places, and on a large scale, they contribute towards a better world. The art exhibition has been created so that it can be applied to different places around the world. 

For this exhibition I designed the art book “WALLSTREET – The City of Art” where all artworks have been collected and presented in a 160-page coffee table book.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Alba Montheli
Advertising Agency: BANG Agency

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