Playfully Simple about Children’s Rights


Unicef sought BANG’s assistance in developing a concept to effectively discuss and engage their work on Children’s Rights at various types of events. This could be done on a very small scale initially, with the possibility of scaling up for larger activations. It was important that the materials were not overly bulky.We devised the overarching concept of “Playfully Simple about Children’s Rights.” (Lekande lätt om barnens rätt.) offering numerous suggestions on how assets could be developed and utilized across various activations.A playful concept allowing us to tailor communication to the target audience. This concept can endure over time, with endless combinations of assets to use for different occasions.

Creative Team: Max Rosell, Olivia Geijer, Lisa Evenås, Alexandra Schytt
Creative/Art Director: Max Rosell
Account Executive: Alexandra Schytt
Account Manager: Olivia Geijer
Graphic Designer/Final Art: Lisa Evenås
Photographer: Christer Avebjer
Client: Anna Kjellström
Advertising Agency: BANG Agency

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