Tell me your story


All cities have a story. For younger people, it’s not necessarily something written down in a book. With that in mind, the concept: Tell me your story was born – a PR tour with the aim of creating interactivity, and commitment. It was time for new voices to be heard and alternative stories to be told. So we came up with the idea of a mobile podcast studio where locals from the cities visited could share their stories related to the town. A number of stories were selected from each city, compiled, and published in the Storytel app.

We created a unique, relevant, and authentic event. The result: A different sound journey from Helsingborg in the south to Umeå in the north – a completely new concept. Never before has a similar tour been held in Sweden. 

The PR activation became immensely popular, and Storytel got over 10.000 effective customer meetings. The response from the target group was unanimously positive, and during the tour, Storytel got massive publicity from different local newspapers that described the event as unique, creative, and fun. Furthermore, the podcast created from the recorded stories got very popular and is rated 5/5 stars.

Creative/Art Director: Max Rosell
Creative/Account Executive: Patrick Walldén
Creative/Planner: Lars Andersson
Creative/Copywriter: Alba Montheli
Motion Graphic: Verena Grahn
Production Manager: Stina Andersson
Event Manager: Emelie Hedlund
Advertising Agency: BANG Agency

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