Showroom wants to introduce a new way to shop online and has created Sweden’s first and largest gathering place for Live Shopping streams from various companies and influencers. Live shopping is something different than scrolling through an e-shopping page that looks and works just like an old catalog. Here, consumers can interact, get inspiration, get tips, chat and shop live. And companies can get inspiration and help with production. In China, Live Shopping has a turnover of 170 billion dollars per year, and 500 million people in the country consume the format every day.

Showroom wants to make Live Shopping big in the Nordics and with a fun and quirky attitude we have created an identity that arouses attention and curiosity, so people understand that there is something new in shopping. At Showroom they will find entertaining and surprising Live Shows. With a logo that has sprung from the round shape of things that highlight products, such as a spotlight or an expo-podium, we have created a symbol that becomes a negative ”S”. Which can be used as a playful pattern to build our identity on. It’s Showtime!

Creative/Art Director: Max Rosell
Creative/Copywriter: Peter Fjäll
Copywriter: Alba Montheli
Motion Graphic: Verena Grahn
Account Executive: Christian Nivelius
Production Manager: Isabelle Bergqvist
Planner: Lars Andersson
Foto/Film: RBLS
Client: Maria Olsson, Anesa Dzamastagic
Advertising Agency: BANG Agency

Awards & Nominations: Transform Awards Nordics

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