The Youngsters


Showroom wants to introduce a new way to shop online and has created Sweden’s first and largest gathering place for Live Shopping streams from various companies and influencers. Live shopping is something different than scrolling through an e-shopping page that looks and works just like an old catalog. Here, consumers can interact, get inspiration, get tips, chat and shop live. And companies can get inspiration and help with production. In China, Live Shopping has a turnover of 170 billion dollars per year, and 500 million people in the country consume the format every day.

Showroom wants to make Live Shopping big in the Nordics. The campaign is about showing in an unexpected way that you can shop wherever and whenever you want and that you as a consumer can actually interact with brands. Showroom will become “The home of live shopping” and drive both consumers and brands to the platform.

The films were shown digitally – Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tiktok.

Creative/Art Director: Max Rosell
Creative/Copywriter: Peter Fjäll
Motion Graphic: Verena Grahn
Account Executive: Christian Nivelius
Production Manager: Isabelle Bergqvist
Planner: Lars Andersson
Director: Sebastian Hedin
Producer: Niklas Adolfsson
DOP: Kenneth Ishii/Rockson
DIT: Federico Tonozzi
Casting: Sara & Jag
Soundtech: Felix Aneer
Electrician: Peter Övgård
Set designer: Joel Junsjö, Max Stenerudh
Video Editor: Gustav Öström/WGT
Postproduktion: The Chapel Films
Sound Edit: Red Pipe
Client: Maria Olsson, Anesa Dzamastagic
Advertising Agency: BANG Agency

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