The Neighbour

Ordna Bolån

The new brand “Orda Bolån” wanted to establish its trademark and unique mortgage brokerage.

The challenge was to reach people who wanted to buy a new home and thus needed a loan promise. The budget was limited, so the brand and the offer needed to be conveyed quickly and uncomplicatedly. Therefore, we chose to focus the media strategy around digital channels

We saw that many competitors communicated generically and were very offer-focused. So we did the opposite. With a concept called “Flyttdags,” we humorously showed different situations when it might be time to start thinking about buying a new home. Fun and unique in the industry!

Idea & Script: Max Rosell, Cristine Berglund, Henrik Freudenthal
Account Executive: Patrick Walldén
Director: Cristine Berglund 
DP: Max Lander
Still photographer: Magnus Anderssen
Producer: Dilun Riad
Client: Hemad Razavi, Jessica Larholm
Advertising Agency: BANG Agency

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