Let’s Play


The realization was that O’boy is in the pantry of most families with children. It is the given drink after school, when you are hungry for something good, or for the breakfast sandwich. Recently, however, a research report concluded that chocolate drinks such as O’boy are the best recovery drink after various activities. How could we connect O’boy with sports and music?

We wanted to inspire young people to play more sports and try new activities. We developed a communication concept called “O’boy – Let’s Play” and added it as a tagline along with new imagery.

Every year, Kraft Foods has an international competition where Sweden has never won anything in the digital category. A digital campaign with this communication concept as base won first prize in 2012, called “O’boy – Lets Play TV”. (The same year Kraft Foods was divided into two parts, the confectionery part became Mondelēz and the food part was transferred to Kraft Heinz.)

Another fun fact is that the imagery of Let’s Play was copied by a competitor a few years later. So I guess the campaign was appreciated by more than just young people.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Anna Perrolf
Account Manager: Robert Bryhn
Production Manager: Amel Maaoui
Final Art: Petra Nilsson
Illustrator: Kristian Funderband
Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann

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