Great Ideas Grow Better Below Zero

Luleå Tekniska Universitet

In August 2005, we developed the creative concept “Great Ideas Grow Better Below Zero”. An advertising concept that for over a decade has served as a voice for LTU to attract new students, students who in return have contributed to the world of research, and got funders and key people to direct their research to LTU. LTU is located at the Arctic Circle and the advantage of the supposed disadvantage is that good ideas grow better below zero. The imagery shows different types of objects frozen in ice blocks, objects or programs that LTU provides. With the concept, LTU has simply gained its own voice with humor and warmth in a cool and beautiful environment, a difficult concept that no other university can use and which makes it possible to keep a clear line in all communication, regardless of media. At the same time, we communicate that LTU has an inspiring research environment, unique to Sweden. And of course you contribute better to the research when you keep your head cool.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Anna Perrolf
Account Director: Jan Tallroth
Planner: Birgitta Brännström

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