Frank Andersson


In 2015, I developed the advertising concept “The Collector” for LeoVegas with the main character Frank Andersson, which consolidates its role as LeoVega’s front figure in various media channels. The Swedish champion has found his source of entertainment and excitement through LeoVegas – Sweden’s Mobile Casino. And with the winnings, he was able to collect celebrities. Everything from musicians, sports celebrities, newscasters to choirs. He collects everything. Here you can see a selection of films, we basically produced a new commercial every month for almost four years. You can also read what the first presented script looked like.

In 2018, unfortunately, Frank Andersson passed away and the concept was replaced by Dolph Lundgren who loves speed, excitement and action.

Idea & Script: Team Elsner & Co
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co

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