Viktigare än någonsin


We celebrate Pride in an uncertain time. War in our immediate area causes anxiety and injustice to a greater extent. The biggest challenge was to show that The Armed Forces protect human equality.

We came up with the idea of a completely white room where visitors could express which rights they thought were important to defend. On the festival’s last day, the Armed Forces then carried the messages written by visitors on the walls in the traditional Pride Parade – a way to show the public that the Armed Forces cares about the public’s opinions.

We managed to create a unique, engaging activation that made visitors feel hope and love. Before the event, the Armed Forces were associated with macho culture, stereotypes, and aggressiveness among the target group. The associations mentioned during and after the activation included freedom, love, inclusiveness, positive energy, and safety. We can proudly say that we managed to change the associations completely.

Creative/Art Director: Max Rosell
Creative/Planner: Lars Andersson
Copywriter: Alba Montheli
Final art: Verena Grahn, Jani Niilivirta
Production Manager: Paulina Levin-Ander
Event Manager: Emelie Hedlund
Account Executive: Patrick Walldén, Claudia Trujillo
Advertising Agency: BANG Agency

Awards & Nominations: Amber Awards

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