The Clone (We need one more of you)

EDB Ergo Group

A recruitment campaign for EDB Ergo Group (Today called Evry). The company is growing and in need of more employees, the problem is that they already have the best employees. Therefore, the idea was that they should start cloning their employees and then get two of the already very best. But until they get this with cloning fully operational (There are still som bugs as seen in the ad), they need to hire another version of their employee. Not a copy but someone who is as good. And that fits into their culture. It could be a former work colleague, classmate, an acquaintance, a friend in their network. Therefore, they will get a toolbox with tools for recruitment.

This ad was for internal use only, thats why I only publish still images from the ad.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Max Piltz
Account Manager: Emma Hedin
Production Manager: Therese Andersson
Regi: Sebastian Hedin
Photographer: Sebastian Hedin
Actor: Peter Wahlbeck
Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann

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