Greatest Ad Campaign Ever!

Dagens Industri

In the past, all advertising workers dreamed of doing a full page in the daily press. Today, most people dream of something completely different. Dagens Industri is Sweden’s leading business magazine with 383,000 daily readers who earn an average of 400,000 a year. Our challenge was to tell newspaper-tired advertising agency people and media advisers that an ad in DI can still be the most effective way to reach that target audience. We advertisers love (yes, or maybe used to love) good case films: elegant sums up and explains even the most advanced connections between different media. Our solution for Dagens Industri was therefore to make such a case film – but a fake variant with a surprising ending. Video was uploaded to YouTube and then sent as a link in an email to about 150 friends and colleagues in the Swedish advertising industry. To date, the film, despite its narrow target audience, has been shown over 80,000 times.

It was rewarded with a Guldägget diploma, Silver at Eurobest, Diploma at 100-wattaren and Best Use of Media at Ads of the World. Also mentioned in The Gunn Report – Showreel Of The Year. And a personal letter from the Executive Director, New York Press Association, Michelle K. Rea.

Art Director: Max Rosell, Henric Almquist, Patrik Reuterskiöld
Copywriter: Martin Johansen
Producer: Anton Ahlenius
Music: Björn Carlberg
Final Art: Jacob Hamilton
Planner: Therese Bohlin
Production Manager: Maria Jonsson
Account Manager: Lina Wätte
Credits: Oskar Skott, Daniel Åhman

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