Focus On Fashion


The Advertising Agency 802 had an overall strategy and production responsibility for all store communication to Canon in Sweden. A client I took with me from the advertising agency Ogilvy. The mission involves being strategic and tactically plan, produce and carry out campaigns in and around the retail level. As well as the main responsibility for everyone involved retail / action marketing activities.

“Focus on Fashion” was a campaign where we took Canon’s global PR initiative to sponsor all the world’s fashion weeks, into all sales channels, at all levels, first internally then towards customer locally (B2B) and consumer (B2C). Which is a bit more standard today, but then it was a completely new initiative, which made a big impression both on sales and on their way of working. With cooperation with Swedish Fashion store MQ. We produced; Hanging signs, posters, printer sheets, double-sided coupon booklets, tent cards, shelf signs, banners, display boxes and a campaign website. Most of the art work was printed on special silver paper. To give that feeling of fashion.

A fun fact is that, this campaign broke all sells record at Canon Sweden.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Pär Axelson
Account Manager: Charlie Bennet
Production Manager: Frida Frisén
Final Art: Caroline Hedetoft
Photographer: Daniel Lindh
Advertising Agency: 802

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