Rågsveds IF

Städa Sverige

Städa Sverige (Clean Sweden) works for a richer community life, and a litter-free Sweden. Thanks to Städa Sverige in Stockholm, all the boys from Rågsved IF were able to join the Gothia Cup.

With the support of IF Länsförsäkringar, a partnership that levels the playing field – contributing to more youths realizing their dreams!

We developed a new photographic style. Black-and-white photos enhance the documentary feel by removing color and focusing on the details in faces, body language, and atmosphere. This style creates timeless images that amplify the sense of dedication, determination, and team spirit among the players. By choosing black and white, we can create a cohesive narrative that focuses on the essence of youth football players and their journey towards success on the field.

Creative/Art Director: Max Rosell
Creative/Copywriter: Alba Montheli
Account Executive: Christian Nivelius
Advertising Agency: BANG Agency
Photographer: Sun Kim

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