Sveriges Olympiska Kommitté

The Nordea Olympiafond allows active athletes with potential to reach the top of the world, regardless of their own sport or family finances.

Danijela Rundqvist invested everything in ice hockey and won an Olympic silver and an Olympic bronze. Today she works to give young girls better conditions than those she had herself and thus give back to society. A silver can in the long run become gold.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter/Planner: Lars Andersson
Account Director: Patrick Walldén
Production Manager: Natalie Rosenberg
Photographer: Henrik Kindgren
Client: Tobias Hauff
Advertising Agency: BANG

Face Off / Kick Off


Launch campaign of “The New Expekt”, an updated betting site for the mobile user, with boosted odds, more odds on more matches and with super easy registration. We made TV commercials, print ads, outdoor ads and banners. 

“In mid-May, the acquisition of Expekt was consolidated and shortly thereafter, “New Expekt” was launched with a large and distinctive marketing campaign ahead of the European Football Championship. It has been a successful start and in a short time we have almost doubled Expekt’s revenues and market share in Sweden since the acquisition was completed.”
LeoVegas AB Q2: Quarterly report 1 april – 30 june 2021

Idea: Team Elsner & Co
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co

Winter Adventures


A winter campaign for Ridebrain. The print ads ran in Åka Skidor, DI Weekend and King Magazine. Ridebrain is based in Åre, Sweden. They have a long experience of skiing and can help you find the equipment you need from world-leading brands. Let them guide you to the best purchase for your ride.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Final Art: Max Rosell, Ludvig Hansson
Account Director: Johan Elsner
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co

The Seven Summits


Renata Chlumska – The first Swedish woman to climb The Seven Summits. MMC Bilar Sverige AB is the general agent for Mitsubishi Motors passenger cars and light trucks in Sweden.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Max Piltz
Account Manager: Max Piltz
Retouch: RBLS

Dolph Lundgren


Dolph Lundgren, the Swedish actor, filmmaker, and martial arts expert. That Dolph loves speed and action is probably not any news to most Swedes. As current in several new major action movies, we portrayed Dolph’s hunt for speed and entertainment.

Idea & Script: Team Elsner & Co
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co

Sjukt snabba leveranser


We contracted Måns Zellmerlöw as an ambassador for Meds.se. Meds.se provides low prices and lightning fast deliveries directly to your home on Meds.se. You simply do not have to go to the pharmacy yourself, Meds is always where you are, for you! We made TV commercials, outdoor prints and online banners along with creating a huge image bank.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Final Art: Ludvig Hansson
Account Director: Johan Elsner
Producer: Pontus Jerrstedt
Photographer & Retouch: Christer Avebjer
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co

Bonnier Fastigheter läge

Bonnier Fastigheter

A series of images and print ads about Bonnier Fastigheter and their rental properties with good locations in Stockholm City. That also promotes the proud people at Bonnier Fastigheter.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Anna Perrolf
Account Director: Martin Östergren
Photographer: Björn Terring
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co



For LeoVegas Sport we contracted a bunch of athletes to be the ambassadors of the markets of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Canada.

Mats Sundin
Former Swedish national ice hockey player who played the majority of his career in the NHL teams Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks.

Tommy Söderström
Swedish national former ice hockey goaltender. Played in NHL with the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Islanders.

Lothat Matthäus
German football manager and former national player. Played for Bayern München and Inter.

Stefan Kretzschmar
German former national handball player.

Patrick Ekwall
Swedish sport journalist.

Stefan Schwarz
Swedish former national football player, also played for Malmö FF, Benfica, Arsenal, Fiorentina, Valencia and Sunderland.

Hanna Ljungberg
Swedish former national football player, also played for Umeå IK.

Andreas Andersson
Swedish former national footballer. Also played for IFK Göteborg, A.C. Milan and Newcastle United.

Thomas Gravesen
Danish former national football player, also played for Everton, Real Madrid and Celtic.

Nadia Nadim
Danish national football player, plays for Paris Saint-Germain, previous played for Manchester City.

Idea & Script: Team Elsner & Co
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co

Frank Andersson


Frank Andersson consolidates his role as LeoVegas front figure in various media channels. The Swedish wrestling world champion has found his source of entertainment and excitement through Sweden’s mobile casino, not much else impresses him.

Idea & Script: Team Elsner & Co
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co

Onico – Licorice

Swedish Match

Some times a new product can be pronounced in two ways. How do you pronounce Onico’s new taste, if you get to choose, licorice or licorice? In Sweden there are some words that have the same spelling and meaning, but is pronounced differently. This divides Sweden in two groups. Which group do you belong to?

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Christoffer Lann
Creative Director Mats Malmkvist
Account Manager: Mattias Wallin
Final Art: Joel Folkesson
Advertising Agency: Spinn