Tie Break

Bonnier Fastigheter

Now it’s time to take a Tie Break. Replace the tie with the sweatband when the tennis legends once again meet in Kings of Tennis.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Anna Perrolf
Account Director: Martin Östergren
Advertising Agency: Elsner & Co

The Package


OmVärlden is a SIDA-funded monthly magazine with news, debate and reports from around the world. With the launch of a new format, new layout and partly new editorial staff, they also wanted to try to reach a new readership. The solution was to wrap the magazine to 800 packages from the “outside world” (With foreign stamps and postage stamps on the package.) And place these packages in selected places in Stockholm, Linköping, Uppsala, Gothenburg and Malmö. Articles about the the package were written in the newspaper DagensNyheter 14/11 2009 och 17/11 2009.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Martin Johansen
Account Manager: Kaj Bouic
Producer: Tore Manstad
Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann

A Unique Matching Method


We chose to develop a metaphor for eWork’s unique matching method. A metaphor that is strongly graphic and that everyone recognizes. The solution was to use the human fingerprint. The classic symbol of identification.

A box that contains: brush, powder, gloves and an invitation to the recipient to brush the message himself. With the powder over the orange sheet, an illustration of a fingerprint with eWork’s keywords and its unique matching method emerges.

The Campaign won Gold i both Davey Awards and IT Business Awards.

Art Director: Max Hansson
Copywriter: Pär Axelson
Account Manager: Charlie Bennet
Production Manager: Yvonne Näsman
Illustration: Rithuset 
Advertising Agency: 802

The Battle Of The Giants

Telia International Carrier

Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Battle of the Giants. It’s a furious fight between the world’s two media distribution giants: Space Satellite, the long-time world champion, and the Muscle Fiber, the bold fiber-optic challenger. Who’s stronger? Put on the referee fly and you be the judge while watching this interactive movie at www.battleofthegiants.com.

Art Director: Max Rosell, Petter Paulin
Copywriter: Mats Arnald
Account Manager: Petra Björkeson
Production Manager: Anna Klange
3D: Mad Crew
Programing: LifeLike
Sound: Redpipe
Advertising Agency: 802

New Autogiro – Fastest help against the mire of OCR


We made a pharmacy package with 30 mint pills to those who offers Autogiro to their customers. A package that makes you get a taste of the new Autogiro and a feeling of help aid.

New Autogiro is an improved version of today’s service that simplifies life for you who offer Autogiro to your customers. New Autogiro is a completely electronic service. All paper handling between you and your bank is replaced with information via file or new web services. This way you save both time and money.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Pär Axelsson
Account Manager: Petra Björkesson
Production Manager: Anna Klange
Advertising Agency: 802

Have you realized your dreams?


We made a DM and a webpage quiz to find the right franchisee to join the team of HusmanHagberg.

The English term “Armchair traveling” fits many people. Then you are left at home in the comfortable armchair and travel in the imagination, instead of taking the step and daring to travel for real. How do you do? Do you dare to realize your dreams? Building your own real estate business is a dream for many. But to be successful with your business it requires more than just being a good real estate agent. Take the quiz and become one of us. Visit us at www.nojdmaklare.se.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Copywriter: Pär Axelson
Account Manager: Charlie Bennet
Advertising Agency: 802


Tre (3)

Tre (3) had a new worldwide concept called “We Like Music”. And to celebrate that we arrange a big party for all the retailers in the Swedish cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Retailers were invited to an evening where tomorrow’s telephony meets the stars of tomorrow. Tre (3) presents interesting news and lots of nice music. Retailers could compete and win, eat and drink, mingle and dance.

We made a 12” personal invitation as a vinyl record containing, poster, flyer och and bar tickets. The record contained tre songs from the artists Ana (We are), Lilyjets (Going Blind) and Form One (Here I Am), that later played at the party.

Art Director: Max Rosell
Account Manager: Pontus Wiking
Copywriter: Pontus Wiking
Production Manager: Charlie Bennet
Production and Event Manager: Christian Nilsson
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy